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DTA Honours Retirees

On Monday, June 12, the DTA held a celebration honouring teachers who have retired effective June 30.

                Kim Allen                                   Gail Lee                                      Judy Rinta     
  Cheryl Brasnett Janine Leitch Hallie Rockel
  Catherine Cave Lori Liptrot Lois Scott
  Yvonne Chard Julie Lymburner Douglas Scott
  Barbara Diemert Raymond Mar Olga Semyvolos
  David Fraser Susan Mitchell Barbara Shoemaker
  Jill Ganton Rennie Morrow Johanna Sowerby
  Lynda Hunt Douglas Odin Kay Steiger
  Ollie Hunter Larry Peters Lyn Tabb
  Nigel Kirkwood Sharon Reifel Debbie Wheatley
  Mary Krywiak    

Changes to PD Funding limit as of July 1, 2017


One of the primary tasks of the DTA PD Committee is to monitor the health of the PD Fund, and to set PD funding limits accordingly.  This year, the Committee has voted to increase the PD funding limits, with the new guidelines coming into effect on July 1, 2017.

Under the new funding limits, members are eligible to apply for up to:

·    $500 per school year for regular PD

·    $1000 per school year for credit courses

·    The monthly availability of "Additional TTOC Days" has been increased to 10

The PD Committee has set these limits with the intention of getting funds out to members to support as much PD as possible, without exhausting the fund before the end of the year.  In recent years, the fund has rolled over a larger surplus than is needed, and these limits have been increased for the purpose of reducing that surplus.

If you have already applied for funding for summer activities, your application will be adjusted to reflect the new changes. The DTA PD forms will be updated to reflect these new limits; in the meantime, please use existing forms, and changes will be made at the DTA office.





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